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Team Orion comprising, the members namely Basil Eldo, Christy Koshy Yesudas,
Shubham Shirodkar, Shubham Gupta, Sanjana Dias, Mubasshir Shah, Madhav Ghatge,
Mihir Patil conducted a 2-day workshop (26th and 27th March 2019) on UAV in
association with SENCES at AITD campus. The workshop witnessed active participation
of 44 students of 2nd year Electronics and Communication Engineering of AITD.

On the first day, the participants were instructed about the precautions and safety
measures to be considered during UAV flight in addition to general rules for flying drones
/ UAV in India. Further, the drone categories were explained. Components required for
drone building such as frame, flight controller, speed controllers, BLDC motors,
propellers, power distribution boards, lithium polymer battery, transmitter and receiver
were introduced and explained.

Four important parameters i.e. drag, weight, thrust, lift was explained in addition to Airfoil
principle. Later on, controls of flight i.e. pitch, yaw, throttle and roll were also explained.
Various practical applications of UAV were shown through slides. Day 1 ended with a
brief session on soldering where participants were to assemble a simple circuit with LED
and register.

On day 2 participants were divided with 3 groups with flight controllers – APM, OPEN
CC3D and KK 2.1.5 to build a hexacopter and two quadcopters models. Participants
got to calibrate APM flight controller using Mission Planner software whereas OPEN
CC3D flight controller was calibrated using LibrePilot software. Hexacopter and
quadcopter were later tested for flight.

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