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A PLC Programming workshop was conducted by The SENCES(Society of electronics and communications engineering students) council at Agnel Institute of Technology and Design on 30th of march and 7th of April 2019. The main objective was to provide a useful insight on the use of PLC’s in electrical and electronics industries. The workshop witnessed active participation of 44 students of 2nd year Electronics and Communication Engineering of AITD.
The resource person was Mr. Subodh Mone, The owner of Autotech Pvt ltd. In this workshop, the students were made aware of the different types of PLC’s used at the industry level. Demonstration was also performed on the same. Mr. Mone provided an insight into the “Industry” world and explained some of the processes involved in it. Students performed all of simulations on a software knows as WPL Soft.

The following topics were covered:
1)Basics of PLC
2) Timers and Counters in PLC
3) Use of Rising edge and falling edge pins and the memory bit.
4)Comparison instructions in PLC
5)Arithmetic instructions in PLC
The workshop concluded with a feedback session from which it was known that participants understood the topics very well and were happy to learn new things along with some programming knowledge.

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