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Over the span of an entire semester Internal Tests are conducted for all students. Sessional marks obtained by way of an internal assessment scheme comprising of internal tests form an important component for scoring well and securing a good percentage at the semester exams.  This can be explained with the following simple example: 

 Internal Assessment component  Theory comprises of 100 marks semester paper + 25 Sessional marks obtained by way of Internal Tests  

For a student to be declared as passed in the theory he/she has to secure 40% of 100.  

For the university to declare a student as passed in theory he/she has to obtain 40% of 125 = 50 marks  

If a student secures 0 (zero) marks in Internal Test (IT), one has to score 50 in theory to    compensate and be declared as passed according to the University, which means that even after scoring 50% which is equivalent to a 2nd class, the candidate will be declared as passed only with passing class which is 40%. 

On the other hand if a student secures 25 marks out of 25 in sessionals by way IT, he/she will be propelled to a First Class by scoring the same 50% in theory i.e 50 + 25 = 75 marks which works out to 60% out of 125 marks.  

This proves that Internal tests are a very important component in securing a high percentage at the University examinations. With this as the sole objective we have provided Progress Report Cards (PRC) to every student which is a booklet of the record of students’ performance at all internal test for the entire duration of the degree course. This PRC is handed over to the student for signatures by their parents and then returned to the respective department heads. In cases where the student has not performed well, parents are called and counseled and made aware of the students poor performance and need for corrective action to be taken.

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