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Designation                Assistant Professor
Education M.E (Electronics Communication and Instrumentation)
Area of Interest Biomedical Engineering, Electronics Devices & Circuits, Sensors & instrumentation and Communication Engineering, Optical communication, Mobile communication, Java Programming


Teaching Experience

Industry Experience

4 years

Email id pvo@aitdgoa.edu.in


    • Pramila Volvoikar, Hassan Virani, Rajeev Jose. “Stable Ethernet TCP/IP Real Time Communication In Industrial Embedded Applications,” International Journal of Research in Engineering and Science (IJRES), Vol 1, issue 1, pp 26-29, Jan 2014.
    • Pramila  Volvoikar, Hassan Virani. “Performance Testing and Analysis for a Stable Ethernet Communication Link,” International Journal of Science and Research (IJSR), Vol 3, Issue 5, pp 861-867, May 2014
    • Authored and published paper titled Remote Monitoring And Centralizing Of Gensets in International Journal of Emerging Trends in Engineering and Development, ISSN 2249-6149 ,Issue-6, 67-72 Vol.5 September 2016.



    • Pramila Volvoikar, Hassan Virani, Rajeev Jose. “Implementation of stable Ethernet communication link for Embedded apllications,” in International Conference on Emerging Trends and Research in Engineering & Technology (IJPRET), 2014, pp 110-117
    • Pramila Volvoikar, Hassan Virani, Rajeev Jose. “Development of a stable ethernet communication link for embedded applications,” in 5th National Conference on Electronic Technologies,

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