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Designation                Assistant Professor
Education M.E-Manufacturing Engineering (Anna University)
Area of Interest Manufacturing, Optimization, Unconventional Machining


Teaching Experience

Industry Experience


5 Years 5 Months

2 Years

Email id mpr@aitdgoa.edu.in


International Journals:

  1. Prabhakaran, A.N. Patil, Nagaraj Raikar, Sidharth.K. “Experimental Investigation on Gas Laser Cutting”, International Journal of Advance Research in Science and Engineering, 2016, Vol. 5, pp.27 – 38.
  2. Amol Nayakappa Patil, M. Prabhakaran. “Labour Productivity Improvement by Work Study Tools of Fiber Composite Company”, International Journal of Research in Engineering and Technology, 2016, Vol. 5, pp.351 – 355.
  3. Niraj G. Pai Bhale,  P.K. Srividhya, V. Mariappan,  Amol N. Patil, M. Prabhakaran. “Process Improvement of Fiber Glass Industry”, International Journal of Performability Engineering, 2017, Vol. 3, pp.19 – 28.
  4. S.Dinesh, Prabhakaran.M, A.Godwin Antony, K.Rajaguru, V.Vijayan. “Investigation and Optimization of Machining Parameters in Processing AISI 4340 Alloy Steel with Electric Discharge Machining”, International Journal of Pure and Applied Mathematics, 2017, Vol. 117, pp.385 – 391.

International Conference:

  1. M.Prabhakaran and Dr.C.Balamurugan. “Experimental Investigation on Gas Laser Cutting of Thick Al-Alloy Sheet Using Statistical Techniques”, in Proc. INCAMA, 2013, pp.199.

National Conference:

  1. M.Prabhakaran and Dr.C.Balamurugan. “Optimization of cut quality during CO2 laser cutting of thin Al-alloy sheet for hybrid profile using Grey theory”, in Proc. LTIME, 2013, pp.25.

Text Book:

  1. V. Vijayan, M. Prabhakaran, R. Vaishnavi. “Basic Civil and Mechanical Engineering”, S.Chand Publications, 2011.

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