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Designation                Assistant Professor
Education M.Tech (Communication Systems)
Area of Interest Image Processing,Data Communication,Wireless Communication


Teaching Experience

Industry Experience


2 years

Email id hve@aitdgoa.edu.in



  • Harish Velingkar, Veena Devi. “Reconstruction of Texture for Gray Scale Images using Error Reduction Algorithm and FFT” International journal of Emerging Trends in Engineering and Development(IJETED), Vol 3, pp956-964, May 2014
  • Harish Velingkar, Veena Devi. “Restoration of Texture by ER Algorithm using FFT Estimation” International Journal of Advanced Electrical and Electronics Engineering (IJAEEE), Vol 3, June 2014


  • Harish Velingkar, Veena Devi. “Texture reconstruction for gray scale image based on ER algorithm and FFT estimation,” in International Conference of Electrical and Electronics Engineering ( ICEEE) by Institute of Research and Development, India, 2014, pp7-12
  • Harish Velingkar, Akhilesh Naik, Amanjot Singh. “Touch screen based remote controlled car,” in 6th Annual National Symposium on VLSI and Embedded system, 2012, pp.12-16

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