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Designation Assistant Professor
Education M.Tech CSE
Area of Interest Computer Networks, Cryptography, Network Security, , Integrated Electronics Operating Systems, Computer Hardware Design.


Teaching Experience

Industry Experience


7 yrs

11 months

Email id an@aitdgoa.edu.in


  1. "Ambient Weather Prediction using Data Mining",  International Conference on Frontiers of Computer Science (ICFoCS 2011), Bangalore. August 2011
  2. "Efficient Key Establishment Scheme for Wireless Sensor Networks using Group Communications" , International Conference ICEISTCON 2013, Pune. ISBN : 978-93-81693-88-15, March, 2013
  3. "A Closer Look at Wireless Sensor Network Simulators" , National Conference on Modern Trends in Advanced Computing, Goa. May 2013
  4. "Group Communication based Key Establishment Scheme for Wireless Sensor Networks" , Security and Privacy Symposium 2014(SPS2014) at IIT-Kanpur, February 2014.

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